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Finch delivers better results because we do things differently than other PPC companies. If we were doing things the same as everyone else, then our performance would be about the same too, right? But when you take a closer look as to why we deliver better results, it’s because our approach is different, which leads to you Earning More on your online advertising. Finch isn’t about smoke and mirrors or claiming that we have some mysterious, magical formula to deliver results. Our PPC experts use an advanced automated tool that learns which keywords bring the highest value and adjusts bidding to always deliver the highest return possible. Instead of blindly running campaigns based on clicks, we optimize campaigns based on what’s most important; the metrics your business values most.

Here are some of the differences with Finch versus the competition:

Finch Competition
Campaigns launched in days Campaigns take weeks or months to launch - meanwhile you pay the contract
Optimizes for value of conversion for eCommerce; number of conversion for lead generation Targets number of clicks or conversions, which may or may not have anything to do with total value
Finchbot™ Intelligent Automation works tirelessly to earn more for you Relies on human account managers or manual tools that are unable to manage complex campaigns 24-hours a day
No setup fees Initial set up fees collected before campaigns are launched
Campaign performance continues to improve over time as more data is collected Campaign performance improves initially after launch, but soon stagnates - meanwhile you pay the contract
Uses existing Google tracking scripts Forced to install proprietary tracking scripts
Does everything through Google AdWords Forced to learn a new application
Explains exactly what we do and why with our free audit Tries to hide behind the latest trendy PPC strategies vs. focusing on financial metrics
No long-term binding contract Requires a long-term contract that you pay regardless of performance

Earn more - while saving time and money

You’re going to earn more with Finch. No team of humans can compete with our continuous bidding optimization. Finch also saves you time by bidding more accurately than any team of humans ever could. Your team spends only 15 minutes a week to improve your ads and boost your click through rate.

Finch saves you money by always bidding the exact amount for ads - never more than what’s required. Finch always saves enough to pay for itself.

For extra savvy customers, Finch also offers advanced features to boost performance, including dynamically expanding your keyword bank by leveraging actual search strings that result in conversions on your site and the ability to manage thousands of keywords via an XML feed.

Easy-to-start, easy-to-use, and peace of mind

Finch has made it extremely easy to get started by not requiring upfront fees, hourly billing, or long-term contracts. Our competition does the opposite. Why? Most PPC companies can’t deliver predictable results, but these companies still want to get paid.

Finch provides customers peace-of-mind by never requiring a contract with a binding period and never asking customers to download new software. Finch offers any business a free online advertising audit to prove that we can deliver better performance. Sign up today, and see the results for yourself within just a few days.

Different is Better

Other paid search companies are doing it all wrong! Below are examples of some of the problems that are typical in the Paid Search industry:

The wrong measurement

The paid search industry still focuses on the number of conversions, not the value of those conversions to your business. Finch figures out how to return the most value from your budget by focusing on how you make money, not how many conversions you get.

So-called Best Practices

Many best practices are in place to make it easier for humans to manage campaigns - not for the best performance. Finch provides a granular structure that allows targeted keyword bidding and ad copy optimization. Many of the strategies deployed are based on “common beliefs” that we have proven wrong.

Predatory vendors

Many Paid Search Management firms insist on long-term contracts that guarantee their success, but not yours. They can take nearly 2 months to re-launch your campaigns. You see initial improvements, but your long-term success is flat — meanwhile you continue to pay until the contract ends.

Over- and under-bidding

You’re too busy to continuously research the cost of your keywords and manually adjust the bid amounts. You enter what you think is a reasonable maximum Cost Per Click and let the campaign run.

Here’s the problem: By entering a ‘one-size-fits-all’ amount, you pay too much for some keywords impacting your profitability, and you pay too little for your best performing keywords so you are not competitive.

Unmanageable number of keywords or display placements

If you're too busy to manage 10-15 keywords manually — how is it possible to manage hundreds or thousands of keywords? The problem gets worse when you stop and consider that the proper amount to bid per keyword could change daily.

Daily maintenance

The amount that you bid for a keyword will change over time based on your competition, seasonality, world events, trends, etc. With a handful of keywords, you may be able to research and adjust bid amounts daily, but the problem becomes insurmountable very quickly.

The Finch approach

To get started with Finch, we need to give you a complimentary audit and walk you through our process. Press the big, green "Free Audit!" button, or continue reading more about Finch's approach for profitable growth.

Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to relay how happy we are with the improvements to our AdWords campaign so far - with the increased volume of sales and with the CPA dropping"

Ari Vinograd
CEO, BodyPure

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