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Finch can deliver more value than any other PPC company on the planet, because Finch handles Paid Search in a different and better way. We deliver outstanding performance because we measure value, not conversions; and rather than using a dumb bidding tool, or relying on manual services that take time off to sleep and for weekends, our PPC experts leverage Finchbot™ Intelligent Automation that continually learns and improves the performance of your campaigns and never takes a day off. Our combination of PPC model, systems, data analysis and algorithms is proven to work as shown by over 300 customers.

A PPC model built for eCommerce

Cost Per Value, referred to as CPV, is a revolutionary new way to optimize your PPC success based on the value of the conversions, not just the number of conversions.

The current model for managing Pay per Click is known as Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and focuses on managing costs for a conversion. The problem is each conversion doesn’t have the same value - especially for eCommerce sites where each shopping cart can have single or multiple items worth different amounts.

For example, in CPA you might have a goal of $10 per conversion and you sell shoes. Now let’s say you sell everything from $5 flip-flops to $500 designer boots. $10 per conversion is costing you money at the low end per sale, but you’re not bidding enough for the click to get impressions for the expensive products.

Finch’s Cost per Value model computes the cost per click of each keyword based on value. Value could be highest revenue, most profit, or any single metric that is most important to your business. In our example store, a 10% CPV goal based on revenue allows $.50 per conversion for the $5 flip-flops and $50 for the $500 boots – and fits every product in between. Of course, there is no direct relationship between all of your keywords and all of your products. For example, someone might search for a $50 pair of TOMS Classics, click your ad, come to your site to browse, and end up buying a pair of $1,000 Marc Jacobs boots. Some keywords may try to be product specific (“TOMS Classics”) while other keywords may contribute to sales of many of the products in your inventory (“Brown Shoes”). Traditional campaign structures are unable to manage the complexity of how different keywords relate to revenue.

The value of each keyword

The relationship between keywords and revenues is very complex, so Finch looks at the revenue history for each keyword to figure out how much to bid for future clicks. We believe each keyword should earn the right to spend your money. Rather than giving each keyword the same CPC or going after a specific ad spot on Google, each keyword should be set based on the amount of value it returns. Finch uses Google Adwords Value Tracking to understand how keywords are linked to value. Over time, Finch learns how much value each keyword is worth to your business. We continually optimize each keyword and match type with different maximum cost per clicks and react to changes from competitors, seasonality, and market conditions.

Finch's technology supports the Search Network, Display Network and Product Listing Ads.

Don’t bid more, bid smarter

Finch’s ability to bid based on the value of each keyword means that your best performing keywords will likely always be in AdWords position #1, valuable new keywords will be uncovered, and you’ll typically be bidding less.

Rather than simply bidding more than your competitors, your bids are more strategic because Finch has better information and uses it to make better decisions. Finch will find your most lucrative clicks, discover new opportunities, and separate you from your competitors!

Intelligent automation and PPC expertise

Finch’s extraordinary performance is delivered by a team comprised of PPC/eCommerce experts and Finchbot. Finchbot is the intelligent automation that continually analyzes data available from Google to look for patterns that earn more value for your Paid Search. Additionally, unlike any human account manager, Finchbot is able to calculate the precise CPCs for millions of keywords daily to react to changes in seasonality, competitive bidding, or market conditions. By bidding the exact amount for your keywords, conversion values go up and costs go down.

Our PPC and eCommerce expertise is available to you as part of our Client Development Program. We'll help keep your account up to date with latest features from Finch and AdWords. We'll also provide you with training to improve your AdWords skills.

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Campaign structure

Instead of creating an ad campaign to maximize value, most companies structure their campaigns to make it easy for humans to manage. Finch structures campaigns for the best possible performance by combining campaigns and exploding keywords by match type - then bidding each keyword separately.

Combined campaigns

Finch campaigns are built for software optimization. We combine campaigns so that we maximize the amount of data that we collect and use for optimization.

Match Types

Google supports three pre-defined match types: Broad, Phrase, and Exact. Keywords should also have three corresponding match types because the same Broad, Phrase, and Exact matches have different conversion rates, so they should have different bids.

One keyword per ad group

Typically companies organize ad groups with many keywords and many ads. This doesn’t allow you to see which ads are working well for which keywords. Finch uses three ad groups per keyword, separated by match type, allowing you to focus on the keywords with the highest impressions and dramatically improving your click-through rates.

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