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Finch among Inc 500’s fastest growing private companies

Finch ranks #145 overall, #12 in the software category and #4 in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (August 20, 2013) - Utah-based company, Finch, was listed alongside the best of the best private US-based companies, ranking #145 overall, #12 in the software company category and #4 in Utah, by the Inc 500 list published today. This was the first year Finch was eligible to be nominated for the Inc 500 list.

Finch is 146 on Inc 500

Founded in 2009, Finch delivers technology-based solutions for eCommerce and travel companies who advertise using Google AdWords. Finch’s “PPC for eCommerce” is a unique combination of proprietary technology, best practices, and automation that is proven to deliver superior results for online retailers.

“Digital marketing is a rapidly moving target and is getting more complex every day. The need among eCommerce and Travel sites for knowledge and automation so they can compete more aggressively while making more money is exploding," said Bjorn Espenes, co-founder at Finch. “Finch has revolutionized how eCommerce and travel companies manage and optimize their Google AdWords programs through a managed solution that leverages proprietary advertising technology and best practices.”

In its first four years in business, Finch has helped 300+ companies increase their market share while growing their profits. Clients include such companies as,,, and TUI Suisse Ltd.

About the Inc 500

Since 1982, Inc Magazine has listed the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. Previous Inc 500 lists included companies such as Microsoft, Timberland, Vizio, Intuit, Jamba Juice, Oracle, and The list is available at

About Finch

Finch™ is an online advertising service that helps businesses earn more revenue, profit, or leads. Finch pioneered a new PPC advertising system for eCommerce companies that helps customers earn an average of 111% more revenue and achieve an average cost-savings of 34% when compared to previous advertising efforts.

Finch is a Google AdWords certified partner with over 300 clients in 12 countries. As a cloud-based service, Finch is easy to use and work with. To learn how Finch can help your business, please visit to receive a free analysis of how we can help you grow marketshare while increasing profits.

Finch offers ad spend optimization service for AdWords' new Product Listing Ads

Finch maximizes return on ad spend by automatically modifying bids for each specific product listing based on the amount of revenue or profit that the product generates.

Finch, the leader in PPC for eCommerce solutions, announces the ability to optimize Product Listing Ads. When AdWords users first set up their Product Listing Ads (PLAs), they are prompted to set a maximum cost per click for all products in their catalog. However, each product typically has a different price/profit and a different conversion rate. This means that most advertisers are spending too much per click on some products and not enough per click on other products. Finch solves this problem through its cloud-based service by automating the allocation of advertising budget based on the data collected in the customer’s Adwords account.

Customer Quote

“I have been working with Finch for over 3 years, and they have once again shown me their ability to maximize revenues while managing a tight cost line when taking advantage of new Google AdWords opportunities.” said Peter Macaulay, CEO and Owner of Kitchenware Direct.

Finch Quote

Finch co-founder Eric Maas summarized the benefits of optimization by asking, “If you are given the choice of optimizing by setting ONE bid for ALL of your products, versus setting an individualized custom bid per product that is based on the revenue/profit data of that particular product - which would you choose?”

About PLAs

Finch has been optimizing AdWords keyword search and display placements since 2009, but added the ability to support PLAs in May. Google Shopping’s free product listing service was recently discontinued to make way for the new PLA format. PLAs are available in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Canada and India.

Free Case Study

Finch offers a free case study on Kitchenware Direct showing how they spent 64% less on their PLA ads while earning 9% more in revenue.

Finch introduces a PPC for eCommerce development program to assist online retailers with AdWords

The program maximizes ROI for online retailers.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Today Finch launches a Client Development Program to ensure that each online retail client takes advantage of all the possibilities that AdWords has to offer. In the past year, Google has rolled out a series of new features designed to help online retailers improve their sales. Finch’s program provides a structure that has been proven to increase ROI and ensures that online retailers select and properly implement key features.

Finch’s Client Development Program works with Finch’s service to optimize AdWords for eCommerce and is included as part of Finch’s service. Finch’s service maximizes an online retailer’s AdWords budget to earn as much revenue as possible - versus traditional Cost per Action (CPA) models.

Finch’s Client Development Program provides a mix of account management, training and mentoring, technical support, and proactive growth planning to implement key eCommerce-oriented features. This week’s announcement from Google introducing AdWords Dynamic Retargeting is just one example of Google’s recent interest in online retail. Other recent online retail features for AdWords include product listing ads (PLAs), remarketing for display, seller ratings, image extensions for text ads, and the soon-to-be announced remarketing for search.

"Finch not only successfully optimizes our campaigns; they are always available to competently answer questions about Google AdWords,” said Manfred Neufang, Head of Publishing Online at Badische-zeitung, who focuses on selling online subscriptions.

Bjorn Espenes, co-founder of Finch, said, “We see a great uplift in ROI for each client that has gone through the Development Program, and this uplift varies from a higher CTR, more revenue for the same cost, or more traffic at the same conversion rate. Clients also get proactive help with the latest and greatest AdWords features.”

August 28 - Bjorn Espenes speaking at the Performance Conference in Oslo

Bjørn Espenes has been invited to speek at the Performance Conference in Oslo, Norway on August 28th. He will talk about the Automation of PPC advertising versus existing manual efforts. He'll talk about the recent addition of new features added by Google AdWords to assist eCommerce sellers. You'll get tips on how to best work with your AdWords campaign and Bjorn will highlight lessons learned from more mature markets.

Online Advertisers See 111% Performance Boost With Finch™

Finch Launches Denmark Office With Impressive Customer List, Offers Free Audit

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK--(Marketwire - Feb 23, 2012) - Finch, an automated online advertising platform that helps companies achieve more revenue and leads, announced today its international clients are seeing a 111 percent average boost in online advertising performance. By increasing online advertising revenue or leads to some of the top brands in Denmark, Finch has proven that its unique automated approach to managing Google AdWords online advertising campaigns is working. A free online advertising audit is available for companies interested in learning more.

Finch Automation Delivers Top Google AdWords Performance
Finch works with businesses that use Google AdWords for online advertising. Using a proprietary automation system, Finch outperforms manual efforts or other online bidding tools to deliver more advertising clicks, or conversions, and at lower costs.

Some Finch Danish Customers Include:

Customer Quote

"Finch is indispensable as a management tool of our AdWords campaigns. Besides a significant net saving of 25% and an increase in conversions by 61%, working with Finch frees up valuable man-hours so we can focus on other important areas of our business. I admit my initial skepticism turned to enthusiasm. I encourage companies to take advantage of the free Finch audit report."

-- Soren Hansen Rokkjer, Ofir Marketing

Nothing New to Learn or Do, No Contract
Finch is easy to work with. A free audit is available to any company to demonstrate the changes Finch would make to a real Google AdWords campaign to deliver better results, at a lower cost. There is no software to download with Finch's Cloud-based Software as a Service business model. Finally, there is no contract and no up-front fees, as customers pay per performance of online advertising efforts.

Finch Quote
"Finch achieves great results because we approach online advertising differently than any other method. Instead of focusing on manual adjustments based on emotions and opinions, we remove the guess-work to delivering superior performance. Finch leverages the experience we've gained since 2000 in building online optimization software with Google and other online portals to deliver amazing results."

-- Bjorn Espenes, Finch Founder and CEO

About Finch

Finch is an automated online advertising platform that helps companies achieve more revenue, and more leads. Finch customers average more than a 100 percent boost in online advertising performance over previous advertising campaigns because Finch's unique approach and automated solution outperforms manual efforts and other bidding tools. The company is focused on being easy to work with by not requiring a contract, no software to download, as well as having nothing new to learn or to do for the end-user. Finch offers any business a free online advertising audit to prove it can deliver better performance. Visit for more information.

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