How Finch works

Too often companies rely on emotion and creativity rather than data and logic when doing their online advertising. Finch applies science and reason to paid search and powers it with an intelligent bidding machine. Our approach is different and our results are better.

The Finch Approach & Technology

Finchbot™ Intelligent Automation

Finchbot intelligent automation powers Finch’s pay per click management software. Finchbot can analyze millions of keywords daily to accurately predict the cost of your next click. Finchbot never sleeps, never takes a break, and never takes time out for a beer. More importantly, Finchbot analyzes data returned from AdWords or Analytics to understand how to earn more from your paid search.

Finchbot utilizes a unique campaign structure and advanced algorithms to provide the best possible performance. Finchbot intelligent automation is designed to learn and deliver greater campaign performance over time. Longer running campaigns provide Finchbot with more data to make better decisions. So rather than doing a one-time optimization, Finchbot continues to improve your campaigns over time.

PPC Expertise

Finch founders Bjorn Espenes and Eric Maas questioned the existing methods of the PPC industry. This allowed them to explore better ways of providing the best paid search experience for businesses. Since founding Finch, they have done things differently from anyone else and it has paid off with superior performance. Along the way, they have built a team and amassed significant Paid Search and analytics expertise. Finch has created a Client Development Program that helps our clients get the most out of Finch and AdWords features. Finch is a Google Adwords Certified Partner, and we require all of our representatives to become Google Adwords Certified Professionals. Feel free to ask questions about how and why we do things the way we do. Also, read our PPC for eCommerce Blog which provides tips and thought provoking content on a number of online advertising topics where we challenge the so-called best practices of our competitors.

Measuring Value - Not Clicks

Finch has pioneered Cost Per Value (CPV), the revolutionary new way to manage paid search to help you earn more revenue, profit, leads, or whatever your business values most. Our approach is completely different, which is why our customers see such big results.

We use a Google AdWords feature called Value Tracking, and instead of measuring the number of impressions, clicks, or conversions - we measure the value of each conversion. Most businesses use revenue to measure value, so as an example, Finchbot learns how much revenue each keyword is worth and then optimizes your campaigns to deliver the most revenue. Then Finchbot updates your keywords daily to make sure you’re always bidding the exact amount to return the maximum amount of value.

For more information and an example of how CPV works, read about the Finch Product

How Finch works with your business

Your Business Goals

Finch needs to understand your business goals to best serve you. Is your site focused on selling online or collecting leads?

  eCommerce Lead Generation
Model CPV - Focus on earning the most value from your conversions. CPA - Focus on getting the most conversions.
Cost Goal Percentage of value. For example, 20% of revenue Price per lead. For example, $20 per lead
Conversion Data Google Adwords with value tracking or Google Analytics with eCommerce tracking Google Adwords or Google Analytics

Finch responsibility

Finch’s primary responsibility is to help you earn more from your paid search. We do this primarily by discovering growth opportunities for your most valuable keywords and controlling your costs by never over-bidding. Our automated bidding will save you time and money.

In addition, we also provide:

  • Continual Bid Updates - The amount to pay per keyword is always in flux. Finch updates your campaigns daily so that you are always competitive.
  • Transparency - Our complementary audit will explain what we’ll do to your account using your data. We’ll report all changes we make using Google’s Change History.
  • Campaign Structure - Our campaigns provide the foundation for performance. They also make it easy to target keywords for improving ad Click Through Rates.
  • Data Collection and Processing - The performance of Finch is driven by conversion data. The more data we have, the better decisions we can make.
  • Keyword Expansion - Adding new keywords from search terms that have previously resulted in conversions.
  • Keyword Feed - the ability to manage unlimited keywords via an XML feed. For example, from a product catalog.
  • Professional Assistance - Finch representatives are Google Adwords Certified Professionals and can advise on a number of topics.

Paid Ad Network responsibility

The paid ad network displays your ads throughout their network. When the ads are clicked, then the ad network drives traffic to your landing pages.

The paid ad network is responsible for providing data about the traffic, clicks, and conversions. Finch is dependent on this data to make intelligent decisions about future bid amounts. Finch verifies that your tracking information is set up correctly during the audit process.

Client responsibility

Finch automates the tedious portions of campaign management so that you are able to focus additional effort on the creative portions:

  • Creating highly effective ads – The ad copy or display ads that are displayed in the Paid Ad Network.
  • Creating highly-targeted Landing Pages – The website pages that are targeted toward specific ad groups, increasing conversions.
  • Finch’s granular campaign structure provides a simple way to dramatically improve ad Click Through Rates (CTRs) by targeting the keywords with the highest impressions. Improved CTR leads to more conversions and lower PPC costs and can be achieved with as little as 15 minutes of effort per week. We’ll show you how!

Client Testimonials

"Through cooperation and close dialogue with Finch's highly competent employees, we are continuously developing our online business"

Kaare Madsen

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