The Finch Approach

Finch's approach to pay per click optimization is proven to return profitable growth.

Step 1: Complimentary audit

  • Completely risk-free analysis of your campaigns
  • We show you how we will optimize before we do it
  • Typically completed within 2 business days

Finch reveals opportunities for growth and cost savings in your campaigns at a keyword level, and we show you what we will do, why we will make changes, and what you can expect. We validate your tracking setup and data quality to make sure we can perform. No cost, no commitment, and fully confidential.

Step 2: Launch

  • Rebuild your campaigns using our methodology
  • Activate new Finch campaigns - watch conversions grow
  • Use Finch risk-free: your campaigns stay 100% intact

Using Finch's ultra-granular campaign structure, we build new campaigns and insert them into your account leveraging the data we captured in the audit step. We isolate all variables that impact conversions and use them for your performance gains. New Finch campaigns are launched and your old campaigns are paused and left 100% intact.

Step 3: Optimization

  • Monitor and make adjustments to find your sweet spot
  • Find the ideal balance of cost vs conversions
  • Analyze factors that impact success

Armed with our ultra-granular campaign structure and your historic click cost data, we find your optimal balance between cost and conversion results. Because of how ad position is determined and how your competitors have their max bids, Finch completes a series of adjustments to learn where the optimal area is; often with hundreds of thousands of data points to consider.

Step 4: Ongoing enhancements

  • Collect data to use for improved decisions
  • React to changes in market conditions
  • Add keywords that have proven to convert

Finch's killer feature: as we collect more data, campaigns become stronger and perform better - we call this Evolutionary Search. Once found, we'll keep you at your sweet spot amid the flurry of daily changes to competitor bidding, conversion performance, seasonality, and other factors; a never-ending loop of performance enhancements. We'll also expand campaigns by dynamically adding search terms that have proven to convert.

Client Testimonials

"Finch focuses on setting exactly the right bid based on data freeing me to focus on strategic issues."

Madeleine Tucker
Director of Online Marketing, Informator

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