Bjorn Espenes speaking at PeSA Internet Conference

Bjorn Espenes has been invited to speek at the PeSA Internet Conference in Gold Coast, Australia on May 27th.

Bjorn will focus on how eCommerce companies can be more successful with their AdWords efforts by optimizing for profitability, expanding their market reach, architecting adwords to capture the right data, and automating to be more competitive.

Internet Conference

August 28 - Bjorn Espenes speaking at the Performance Conference in Oslo

Bjørn Espenes has been invited to speek at the Performance Conference in Oslo, Norway on August 28th. He will talk about the Automation of PPC advertising versus existing manual efforts. He'll talk about the recent addition of new features added by Google AdWords to assist eCommerce sellers. You'll get tips on how to best work with your AdWords campaign and Bjorn will highlight lessons learned from more mature markets.