About Finch

Finch™ is an online advertising service that helps you earn more revenue, profits, or leads.

The Proof

How much more? Finch customers earn an average of 111% more and achieve average cost-savings of 34% when compared to previous online advertising efforts. Sounds too good to be true? Well, with more than 300 customers on four continents our numbers speak for themselves.

Completely Different

Finch customers outperform all other Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions, whether we’re competing against automated bidding tools or manual efforts. Why? Finch has pioneered a revolutionary approach to online advertising that is completely different than anything else in the industry today. So rather than attempting to just be better at what everyone else does in Paid Search, we’re leading the way in the next stage of online advertising through Google AdWords.

The How

Finch works like a service where our PPC experts utilize an innovative technology called Finchbot™ Intelligent Automation to guarantee the best results for your online advertising investment. FinchBot™ taps into a readily available, but rarely used and somewhat complex feature from Google AdWords called Value Tracking, and instead of measuring things like Impressions, Clicks, or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) - we measure what matters: Cost Per Value (CPV). With CPV, we can track the value of each sale, which can be based on revenue, profit, margin, lead worth, or whatever single metric is important to your business. For many businesses, revenue is an important way to measure value. So as an example, Finchbot Intelligent Automation learns how much revenue each keyword is worth and optimizes each keyword to deliver the most revenue - and even improves performance over time.

So, when your competition is using CPA, they are bidding for the most conversions. CPA creates a situation where everyone bids about the same amount per click, because everyone puts the same value on it. When you can measure things like the revenue each keyword brings in, it allows you to be more aggressive and bid higher on the keywords that drive the most revenue. A service that uses CPV also allows you to know when to bid less for those clicks that generate less revenue. By working with Finch and CPV, you’re focused on earning more revenue with every click - focusing on the value of the conversions, not just the quantity.

Save Time & Money

As a cloud-based service, customers save time and money because there is nothing new to learn or to do, and campaigns can be launched almost immediately. Also, Finchbot™ Intelligent Automation learns and continuously works to improve your online advertising performance over time. So what does this mean? It means that Finch is always working to save you money and deliver higher performance. While many Finch customers reinvest that dollar savings back into campaigns, you can decide what to do with that extra money.

Easy to Start, Easy to Use, and Peace of Mind

Finch is easy to launch, easy to use, and provides customers peace-of-mind by using a transparent and performance-based agreement. We do this by never requiring a contract with a binding period, never asking customers to download new software, and there is nothing new for you to learn. Finch offers any business a free online advertising audit to prove that we can deliver better performance. Sign up today and see the results for yourself within just a few days.

Who is Finch?

The core Finch team is composed of eCommerce veterans who together have processed more than $1 billion in online revenues and received numerous industry awards and accolades. Read more about the Finch Story here.

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Client Testimonials

"We more than doubled our revenue per day, which was increased by 105"

Morten Storgaard
SEM Manager, Refurb

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