Client Testimonials

Our clients have very different business goals, however they all have one thing in common – they all have a desire to optimize their advertising budget. They searched for a better way. They found Finch.

Finch's unique and proven approach for managing PPC is what sets us apart. Our 4 step process combined with our truly innovative technology is proven to delivers results.

GREAT Communications

Our collaboration with Finch on optimizing our AdWords account on two e-commerce platforms has significantly reduced our time spent managing our accounts. Our collaboration with Finch does not mean that we can sit back and let technology take over, but to a large extent we can concentrate on the important areas of AdWords, while Finch, in a brilliant way, handles a number of very time consuming and necessary manual tasks. With Finch, we have experienced both higher conversions and lower costs per order, and not the least - a greater value per order.

Jan Ettrup-Mikkelsen, CEO - GREAT Communications


In most Google AdWords accounts, there is a portion of the keywords that are strong performers. Finch helped us identify those keywords and allocate more budget resources towards their increased performance, which gives us a gain in volume. Additionally, our lower performing keywords are now allocated less budget, thus providing us with cost savings. Finch focuses on setting exactly the right bid based on data freeing me to focus on strategic issues. Since we started with Finch nearly 2 years ago, we are always in the top 3 ad placements and can see a clear revenue from our campaigns enabling me to calculate the all-important ROI. We have saved 40% in costs and increased 70% in volume.

Madeleine Tucker, Director of Online Marketing - Informator


I have been a customer of Finch for several years. Finch has helped to increase conversions and revenue in my AdWords account and significantly lower costs, and we are still continuing to increase revenue on a monthly basis. Their service, expertise, and know-how is always top notch. Should you choose a company that is in control of what they do, then it's definitely Finch. I will continue to use Finch in the future for my Marketing through Google. Thank you for all that you do. A very happy customer.

Christian Birch, Owner - Guldcenter


Finch has enabled us to drastically reduce our customer acquisition costs using the AdWords medium. I was quite skeptical at first, but as the Finch software gathers more data to work with over time, the figures just keep on improving.

Rod Bland, President - RamCity


Finch is essential as a management tool for our large AdWords account. In addition to a significant net savings of 25% and an increase in conversions of 61%, Finch also enabled us to retrieve valuable man-hours to focus on other areas. I must admit my initial skepticism has been transformed into excitement. You should not miss the chance for a free audit report from Finch.

Søren Rokkjer Hansen, Marketing Manager - Ofir.dk


Prior to Finch, we used a professional agency to optimize our AdWords account, but we decided to try a non-binding audit report to learn about how things can be done better. After viewing the free audit report, we decided to go one step further and enable Finch to manage our AdWords account. We spent no time getting started, and after 15 days, our unit costs per conversion lowered by 38%, and the number of conversions increased by 46%. So Finch works!

Anders Agervold, Managing Director - Energibolig.dk

HSO Educational Industry

Our numbers have improved greatly since working with Finch. Finch gives excellent advice and provides unbeatable arguments for success.

Martin Pionke, Online Marketing Manager - HSO Educational Industry


Finch has removed the need for me to "spray and pray" - that is what we used to do before coming on board. We would "spray" out ads and money and then "pray" for a return on that investment. In no time Finch took our spend and optimized it, saving us over 80% in spend while raising conversion rates. This is not a game; this is serious business - your business! Talk with Finch today and amp up your ad campaign.

John Lawson, CEO - ColderICE


We have been working with Finch for a long time. We found Finch through a recommendation of a friend. Throughout our collaboration with Finch, they have always provided good service. They come up with suggestions for improvement and always make a point of demonstrating the results of their work. They spend a lot of time explaining and "educating" us in various aspects of AdWords, which has been a great help to us. The best thing about Finch is their objectivity and professionalism. All in all, great praise from Drinkworld.dk

Daniel Chabert Pfefferkorn, Owner - Drinkworld.dk

TUI Suisse Ltd.

Our numbers have improved dramatically since our collaboration with Finch. Finch provides very competent services and provides convincing arguments for success.

Frederic Prinz, Online Marketing Manager - TUI Suisse Ltd.


We have been very satisfied with Finch since 2012, and they have not only increased our conversion rate and revenue significantly in a very competitive market, but at the same time reduced the cost per conversion by almost 40%. The team behind Finch is always professional and provides great service at a highly professional level, and there are always good results after a session with them. Also, Finch team's constantly keeps us updated on new opportunities to grow and market our business in a profitable manner through Google. Our collaboration with Finch is something that we certainly expect to last well into the future.

Lisbeth Guldberg Bang, Proprietor - Laerkeoglillebror.dk

Kitchenware Direct

“I have been working with Finch for 3 years, and they have once again shown me their ability to maximize revenues while managing a tight cost line when taking advatage of new Google AdWords opportunities.”

Peter Macaulay, CEO & Owner - Kitchenware Direct


We more than doubled our revenue per day, which was increased by 105.82%, while the relative cost of sales was reduced by 25.57%.

Morten Storgaard, SEM Manager - Refurb


Finch helped us realize the potential of our unique conversion path by giving us information on each device we bring in. This revolutionized the way that we structured our conversion path and gave us the data we need to profitably grow our market share through paid search.

Stephen Wakeling, Internet Marketing Manager - FlipSwap


Before working with Finch, average cost per click and average conversion rates summarized our overall performance of search, and our campaigns did not improve. Finch helped us improve profitability by finding: • High performing keywords • Match types that work best • What we should change

Madeleine Tucker, Director of Online Marketing - Informator


I just wanted to relay how happy we are with the improvements to our AdWords campaign so far - with the increased volume of sales and with the CPA dropping. It's also encouraging that the sales are happening across a number of different ads, keywords, and landing pages, indicating that by continuing to add more, it will keep expanding our sales volume.

Ari Vinograd, CEO - BodyPure

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