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AdWords for eCommerce has become increasingly more complex in the past 12 months - with new features being rolled out by Google every month. In order to compete effectively, you need a partner who understands both eCommerce and AdWords. Our goal is to grow your business by helping you to be more engaged and committed to making AdWords a profit center - not an advertising expense.

It’s about your success

Finch has created the Client Success Program (CSP) to help you take advantage of all the benefits that AdWords and Finch have to offer. A Google Certified AdWords specialist will analyze your AdWords account and will develop a unique strategy for your success based on our eCommerce expertise and your in-depth knowledge of your business. The CDP focuses on optimal campaign configuration, feature optimization, conversion tracking, and adherence to best practices. Along with the Finch service, this will ensure you have the most competitive AdWords account possible.

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Optimal performance with AdWords requires both powerful software and AdWords expertise. Finchbot maximizes the quantitative side of AdWords. The CDP gives an additional boost of performance by addressing the creative and manual portions of AdWords. It also gives you invaluable coaching from an AdWords expert.

Have a talk with one of our Google Certified Professionals today and find out if you are on the fast track in terms of handling the complexity of e-commerce sales. AdWords should be a profit center for you - not an advertising expense.

Client Testimonials

"Our collaboration with Finch on optimizing our AdWords account on two e-commerce platforms has significantly reduced our time spent managing our accounts"

Jan Ettrup-Mikkelsen
CEO, GREAT Communications

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