Here at Finch, we are  so excited to announce that we earned the new Premier Google Partner badge! 

What exactly is the significance of this badge? The Premier Google Partner badge distinguishes top agencies who have a solid track record managing significant AdWords investments for their clients while focusing on client growth. This makes it easier for Advertisers to identify Partners with experience managing large and complex campaigns like Finch does. 

Finch has always been focused on helping its clients do more with their advertising efforts. Everything Finch does looks to turn advertising costs into sustainable investments in bottom-line performance. The Finch teams works closely with you to understand your business and set goals for producing advertising performance accordingly. 


Keeping an AdWords account up to date with a variable  product database is a pain point that we hear from many advertisers. How do you stay on top of your keyword bank when you add new products or prices change for a few of your SKUs? Finch has created a way to manage the keywords and mitigate this problem.

There are as many attribution models as there are advertisers online, and with good reason: there are no right or wrong answers. What matters is what is right for you and your business.

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