This week our Moment comes early...we're on Aussie time!

Finchers travel far and wide to share our story, what we can do, and mostly how we've helped our clients increase revenue while reducing cost. Yesterday and today, our team is at the Internet Conference Gold Coast Conference & Exhibition Centre in Australia doing just that.

This Moment is a year in the making, these are the numbers FROM TODAY since the client went live in May 2015:

As we said, we met this client one year ago at #‎internetconference  #RetailGlobalAU‬ #pesa16 and got them turned on to our Programmatic Advertising platform. That technology, along with our Google Certified Client Success team created a win-win for the client...and for Finch!  Come by our booth at stand #5, meet Terry and learn how Finch can do the EXACT same thing for you!

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Finch Moments

There is a lot of talk about moments these days; a point where everything is timed just right. At Finch, we have our Moments too, when our clients see the impact of our programmatic technology and our people have on their performance.

Imagine looking at your Google Shopping campaign performance after the first 23 days and see this:  



This is a common occurrence with Finch clients. You listened to what Finch could do for your Google AdWords program and took the leap. Finch takes a very different approach to AdWords that is enabled by our programmatic technology, the results is that our clients see huge performance gains in just a few weeks and it continues as time goes on.


How do we do it?  We let our technology do the work; grab granular data and consistently act on it.  It is what happens when you automate far more than bidding and start impacting the difficult, but massively important areas of performance such as Quality Scores, expand your Keywords, leverage Bid Modifiers for mobile, and start using engagement history on your site from those typing in the Google search box this very moment…building a real-time click profile for each click before you buy it.  That is how you can accurately predict the value of the next click before you buy it, measured by your own business metrics.

Speaking of...how did the Search campaign do?


Let’s look at the Client A and Client B again from the first example:

The Search campaign also did extremely well for both case studies. (Up 1072%!!!!)

The Pay-per-Click landscape is changing fast because of Programmatic Advertising, contact us and let one of our Google Certified AdWords specialists help you get your Finch Moment!

We will post our Moments on our LinkedIn page and Facebook page weekly. Connect with us to watch our clients grow!

These numbers and case studies vary based on the needs, spend and goals of your company. For an actual view of what Finch can really do for your campaigns, just take our FREE AdWords Analysis!



This Monday Google AdWords made a huge change to ad positions. From now on, Google will display four ads on the top of the results page and three ads on the bottom. Google saw that the click-through rate of the side ads was poor so they will no longer display those side ads, limiting the number of ads from 11 to a mere seven. 

This will result in two major changes to the AdWords PPC market:

1. Competition will increase (price will follow) 

2. Data will drive growth

Google limited the supply of available Ad space, so the same amount of companies are now competing for less real estate, increasing competition. This will most likely impact pricing. As any economist will tell you, when supply is limited and demand remains the same, price increases. The same amount of companies are now competing for fewer positions, which means those willing to pay more could potentially have an advantage.  

But have no fear, Quality Score is here!

Google continues to rely on an Ad's Quality Score, in addition to the bid, to help determine the position of the Ad.  This means that the higher the click-through rate, the better the landing page, the more relevant the Ad is to the query, the better the match type, and the more ad extensions included in the Ad the higher that Ad's Quality Score will be. All this leads to a higher placement Google will give the Ad on the results page. This makes optimizing your AdWords campaign to increase Quality Score more crucial than ever if you want to compete for those top four spots!  


The only way to optimize utilizing all available data and acting on it in realtime from the search, from Google Analytics, and from your own conversion results (such as profits or lead quality determined from CRM data) is through a Programmatic approach. Programmatic advertising for AdWords is a massive competitive advantage and this change that Google has made to AdWords only increases that advantage. A programmatic approach (depending on the software utilized) is able to optimize for the end result. Essentially a company utilizing programmatic advertising solution is able to optimize for the end result, profit!  It can know whether the keyword is worth bidding for in the search and act on all compiled data in realtime.  

Finch is the global leader in Programmatic Advertising for Search and Shopping. Whether you're a company looking to dramatically increase your leads and their quality, or an e-Commerce company looking to increase profits from your search campaigns, Finch is the solution to grow.

Learn more about how you can build your advertising campaigns programmatically by getting a Free AdWords Analysis and Demo from one of our AdWords experts today! Get Finched.

How To Improve AdWords Quality Scores

Improving your Google AdWords Quality Score is a great way to cut costs and improve conversions.

First, you have to understand how the AdWords algorithm ranks ads.

  1. For a specific keyword, AdWords looks at the maximum CPC that all bidders are willing to pay.
  2. Each ad has a Quality Score ranked 1-10 based on several factors, including number of clicks on an ad, landing page relevance, your account history, geographic location, and other factors that Google uses to rank your ads.
  3. The Max CPC is multiplied by the quality score to get a rank. Positions are determined based on the order of this ranking.

Note that this doesn't determine how much you actually pay for the click, it only determines the position. The amount you pay is based on the rank of the position below you and your quality score (but that's for another post).

Less relevant ads pay more and score lower while ads with high Quality Scores result in higher placements at lower costs. Often, the top position will actually be paying much less for the top spot than the competitors, due to the Quality Score multiplier. That's why it makes so much sense to bid on your own branded keywords because you get them at a very low cost, while if your competitors bid on them it costs them a lot more due to the competitor’s low Quality Scores.

So...how do you improve AdWords Quality Score?

  1. Create targeted and relevant ads. The click through rate (CTR) of your ads is believed to be the number one factor in determining Quality Score. If your ad has thousands of impressions with few clicks, then it will typically have a low CTR. In order to improve your CTR, use the specific keywords in your ads along with a strong call to action. Use a competitive differentiator in your ads to set yourself apart from the other ads. Think like a customer: If I see 5 ads, which one would I click?

    Finch’s granular campaign structure isolates ads to match them with keywords, making it easy to see which ads/keywords have a poor click through rate. When you improve your ads that have the highest impressions and the lowest CTR, those small changes can have a high impact on the quality score with little effort.
  2. Link your ads to credible and original content. Google prizes original content: If you are copying someone else's content, then someone else deserves higher scores. You should be the source of your own content. For example, on product pages rather than including the manufacturers description, try adding your own product description and thoughts about the product.
  3. Don't create "junk" landing pages. Pages that don't add additional or relevant content will have high bounce back rates and will result in lower quality scores over time. Also, remember that Google AdWords is inherently linked to Google search - so legitimate pages should have already been successfully indexed by Google.
  4. Select only relevant keywords. Bidding on irrelevant keywords is a sure-fire way to blow through your budget. Finch will expose these in your audit and show you a sampling of which ones are not effective. Also, Finch will drop or devalue non-performing keywords over time.

In short, rather than trying all the tricks, just spend some time tweaking the details, and you'll see big rewards in terms of improved Quality Scores.

Don't have enough time to improve AdWords Quality Scores across all campaigns on your own? Finch can help! Our proprietary technology optimizes every keyword for every product in real time, read more about how Finch can grow your search and shopping. Get Finched.

Ah, love is in the air!

We Finchers love Valentines Day. The chocolates, the romance, the slowly but surely increasing anxiety. "What do I get (insert name here)?" is a question we all ask around this time. Palms grow sweaty, heart rates increase, and as Valentines Day grows closer, so does our sense of impending doom.

But wait! There's that wonderful thing called "Google" to save the day. It can help you out for Valentines Day just like it does for every other search and shopping need. Many people will use Google to find the perfect gift. Some of these people are your potential customers.  Your customers are out there...searching. Help them find you! In the spirit of Valentines Day, think of your customer in terms of their "Romance Lifecycle." People use Google throughout their entire relationships: from first date, to finding the perfect engagement ring. 

Finch optimizes your AdWords to make sure you're always reaching the right consumers, and helping them find what they're searching for. Check out this amazing (and informative) infographic Google made about Valentines Day. I guarantee you'll learn something new, hint: you're really dropping the ball here, men. And as always, we are here for you. Optimize your AdWords, increase your profits. Happy Valentines Day!

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